Hand crafted by builders with deep roots in Austin, Texas,Textone Guitars are designed for the discriminating player desiring a custom built guitar that combines all of the best of what legendary builders started decades ago, but with a modern flair.

Texas is well known for it's connection to some of the most influential guitarists in modern music history. That musical legacy is the inspiration for the work we do. A player at any level knows that holding a guitar that speaks to them is an indescribable experience. You can put it down after you have played it, but you can never get over it. We strive to create those connections.

Each Textone guitar is built with the finest materials available, from the carefully selected woods, to the electronics – all chosen to deliver unrivaled tone and an unforgettable playing experience.

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Whether you play rock, country, rockabilly, or jazz, our goal is to hand build custom guitars that provide an elegant and timeless look along with a unique sound that is second to none.

BigTex El Carillon

Fat Sounds Talks with Textone Guitars

Textone Guitars was featured in a two part interview on the Fat Sound guitar blog. Part 1 covers the background of how Textone Guitars began, and Part 2 looks at the launch of the GCR60 model and the very personal story behind it's creation.

Textone Blues King


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